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  • It's the time to open the most torturing... Patience eating.. Soul devouring type of server: Low Levelling.


    • Server is opening today and it is 95% similar to Reborn server, but no reborns.
    • Server level's EXP is set to 1x. All beads are disabled. All premium EXP is disabled too. So basically you have only 1x for the time being.
    • Max Level currently available is 100. (This will change on 3rd of October and you will see all information in post No. 2 after this one).
    • The catch of the levelling is displayed in the picture attached to this post.

    You will start very very VERY basic in the first 2 weeks, so keep that in mind. There is a lot of things to adjust and we will want to hear a bit of a feedback on that. But for the time being, we will want you to enjoy the basic Cabal you can get, although every few days Progressive (Apex to be named from now on) will have edits added.

    GRADUALLY Server will start shaping its own personality and more and more concept will be changed/added specifically for Apex, that will be differently portrayed in Paradox (Reborn Server).


    • The simple reason is to balance out the dungeons and the content that is not meant to be implemented in EP8 Server Base and breaks an already quite broken game. (Facing the reality and not trying to gloss it over like everywhere else).

    Here is the picture mentioned above:


    by Tarky 09/30/2021
  • Dear Players,

    We have a "Double Counter" bot activated on our discord server and it kicks out players who do not accept the rules or uses multiple accounts. Our goal is to keep our discord clean and real, while avoiding all of the possible bots, multiple accounts and people who are not in the chat for our server.

    Thank you for understanding and we are waiting for you!

    by Tarky 06/21/2021
  • We have implemented a Damage Display Unlimiter (Now you can see damage over 65k!).

    Check this video for a preview:


    by Tarky 03/25/2021
  • Due to unplanned events, we are prolonging maintenance until 22/03/2021 4-5pm (GMT 0). We have to reinstall server and adjust new dedicated server options in order to continue providing a stable gameplay. Apologies for this inconvenience and we will compensate you for a waiting time.

    by Admin 03/21/2021

    • Changed beginning maps drop (BI/DS/GD/PL/FR) [Added more variations of crafts and improved drop]
    • Added Chaos Lamp [Beginners items, drop in beginner maps, has Potions, PCL, SEL and such inside]
    • Added option to obtain 50 gold coins (character bound) for newbie players by simply completing every map's instructor quests to kill unique mobs (such as Etoku, Pelcost and etc) - each of those quests will give either 2 or 3 character bound gold coins, totalling to 50.

    Added AMP scrolls obtainable via events only with the set configuration:

    1. Slot 1 = 4% Amp / 5% Amp when extended.
    2. Slot 2 = 4% Amp / 5% Amp when extended.
    3. Slot 3 = 1% Amp / 2% Amp when extended.


    • Fixed reborn issue with Reborn Activator II.
    • All quest reward items (dungeon entries including) set to character bound.
    • Fixed some of the missing drops in general maps.
    • Relocated "Laughing Reapers" to BI nipperlug area, DS red garlie area and GD Moscutters area.


    • Added General Shop
    • Lobby time set to 3 minutes.
    • Nation War time set to 35 minutes.
    • Increased W.Exp reward for winning/losing nation. [more nation war changes will be implemented based on feedback]

    NOTE: We will improve elemental shards drop for event if we deem it necessary and based on your feedbacks!

    Sincerely, The Cabal Necro Staff Team.

    by Tarky 02/24/2021
  • Run time: 1 month / End date: 2021-03-25 10:00 AM Server Time.

    Yul (Green Despair Event Manager) is requesting you to collect lost Elemental Shards from dungeons, for which she will greatly reward you!

    Lightning Shard

    • Maquinas Outpost (1.5% drop chance) UMD-01 Upgrade Brachium & UMD-02 Upgrade Cornus

    • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (1.7% drop chance) Ogre Corps Pawanuku, 3rd Orc Corps Huanon & 3rd Orc Corps Krobnin

    Earth Shard

    • Altar of Siena B1F (1.5% drop chance) Polluted Berunosya & Polluted Cituarsina

    • Forgotten Temple B2F (1.7% drop chance) Vallist, Ingrozi & Jayrion

    Fire Shard

    • Volcanic Citadel (1.5% drop chance) Dark Priest & Dark Mage

    • Altar of Siena B2F (1.7% drop chance) Umpra, Berunosya & Cituarsina

    Wind Shard

    • Illusion Castle Underworld (1.5% drop chance) Gate Keeper Faello, Redonyl(Hapry 2nd Corps) & Isyunir(Harpy 2nd Corps)

    • Forgotten Temple B1F (1.5% drop chance) Groga

    Water Shard

    • Forbidden Island (1.5% drop chance) Axxa, Arcshu & Redshill

    • Chaos Arena 4 - Chaotic Uawan (1% drop chance)

    • Chaos Arena 5 - Chaotic Brachium (1% drop chance)

    • Chaos Arena 6 - Chaotic Nola Ispita (1% drop chance)

    Snow Shard

    • Frozen Tower of the Dead B1F (1.5% drop chance) Frozen Slaughter Zombie & Frozen Knight Zombie

    • Frozen Tower of the Dead B2F (1.5% drop chance) Death Knight & Death Blader (1.7% drop chance)

    by Tarky 02/24/2021
  • On Sunday 31/01 at 8:00 PM - GMT 0 (London Time), server will go into maintenance mode for 3 hours.

    Dedicated server will be updated and some security measures will be implemented.

    Sorry for any inconveniences.

    by Tarky 01/29/2021

    As the title says, the server is up and running. Remember that this is not the final product, some things might change in the future and some others wont.

    The download links are now available in the downloads section, or you can follow this link below:



    by Tarky 01/09/2021