Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • How to start in your server?

    Join our discord community and read the guides, as well as ask staff members who will be more than willing to help you out on explaining our server concept.

  • YES! Upon registration, you have agreed with the rules and our terms of conditions, so please make sure to double check them and read them again if necessary, as not knowing the rules, will not be an excuse.

  • Your account - your responsibility. Whatever will be done with the account, it is entirely up to you, but if it is caught breaking rules, it will be punished and no excuse will be taken.

  • If you’ve seen someone hacking, it is your duty as a Nevarethian, to report that evil player to us, so that we could take care of it. Visit our discord and anonymously report a player using “Report_a_Player” chat.

  • Keep an eye on the server applications in the Discord and the news on the website, as we will not be recruiting people randomly and we have specific recruitment periods.

Technical Questions
Other Questions