First and foremost, welcome to Cabal Necro!

The guidelines and rules listed below specifically explain what behavior is explicitly asked of you here, and also what you can expect from the members around you. They may not address all offensive behaviors, and as such, we expect you to understand that humans should have their own personal code of conduct that they hold themselves to, and hope you have a good moral compass. Also, suspension or banishment from the game will not always result in the same punishment on Discord, although in some severe cases, it will. Cabal Necro reserves the right to suspend your account at virtually any time, with or without reason; regardless of the time you've spent with us or the contribution you've put towards our future.

Please note that we reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case to case basis and the action we take may be more lenient or more severe depending on our personal judgement over the case. As a final note, everyone is expected to have a good time and enjoy every service we provide, the Discord Server is not an exception to this case!

Racial / Ethnic

This section covers all usage of language, posting of links, or implying any of the following images or language which:

  • Imply racial superiority in any fashion.
  • Defame any race on planet Earth in any fashion.
  • Allude to any sort of symbol or icon of racial hatred/maliciousness.

Extreme Sexuality / Violence

This section covers any language, posting of sites, or harassment that falls under the following categories, this is not up to discussion:

  • Sexuality.
  • Intent to do any sort of molestation.
  • Allude to any sort of symbol or icon of racial hatred/maliciousness.

Posting Cheats, Hacks or Tutorials on the mentioned

This section covers posting of links or discuss possible cheats, bots, automations, or malicious viruses / programs:

  • If someone links you a possible cheat, automation, or other such item listed above, you need to report it to any staff member in the Discord.

Impersonating a Cabal Necro staff member in a malicious manner

This section involves any of the following behaviors, whether it be in-game or on the Discord, or any form of communication:

  • Claiming you're a part of the team when you're not.
  • Attempting to use connections to the team to further one's own agenda.

General Inappropriate Behavior

This section involves any of the following things (as well as many more, which we can ban/mute as needed) and hopefully won't be done:

  • Defaming Cabal Necro in any fashion.
  • Abusing relationships with staff members in any fashion.
  • Posting unrealistic remarks or defamatory remarks about the Cabal Necro team.

Spamming or Trolling

This section covers any sort of the posting of images, language, or any other sort of reply that can be deemed any of the following in a channel or space that does not allow it:

  • Random or unneeded.
  • Malicious or unnecessary to progress the conversation.
  • Generally being non-productive in a state of conversation that several other players or staff members are trying to have a real time conversation.

Scamming / Real World Trading

This section involves any sort of the behaviors that can be considered:

  • Trading real world currency for anything on Cabal Necro services.
  • Using money to buy E.Coins from anywhere but Cabal Necro donation system.
  • Offering/suggesting/requesting real money in any sort of trade on Cabal Necro services.
  • Exchanging the various in-game currencies for money on any sort of external site, forum or discord. If discovered this will be a permanent ban with no chance of appeal. We do not go lightly on these decisions!

Please note that all decisions are made by you, if you choose to lend someone money, that is your decision and will not be supported by us. If you should give someone your password to your account and you lose items or possessions, that is not supported by us. If you choose to do a deal in advance and wait until someone has the funds to pay you, that is not handled by us. We will not support any decisions made in this reference.

Advertisement of External Services

This section will cover anything that we deem to be the following or such things:

  • Posting outside links to competitive sites or such.
  • Suggesting players leave Cabal Necro to "try" or "experiment" any competitive site.
  • Advertising direct server names in any posts or various other type of threads or such things.

Account Selling / Buying

This section covers both advertising that your character on Cabal Necro or account on Cabal Necro is for sale, or looking for any sort of a trade between two accounts, or purchase through:

  • Discord replies or private messages.
  • Linking to a sale on any external site.
  • Suggesting a trade via real life currency such as Paypal.
  • Selling / buying a character for in-game currencies.